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Rialto Theatre & 191 Toole Switch to a clear bag policy as of 3/1/22  – February 2022

To provide a safer environment for the public and significantly expedite fan entry into our venues, Rialto Theatre & 191 Toole will be instituting a clear bag policy on March 1st, 2022.

The policy limits the size and type of bags that may be brought into our venues. The following is a list of bags that will be accepted for entry:

  • Bags that are clear plastic or vinyl and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (Ziploc bag or similar)
  • Small clutch bags, approximately 5” x 7”

All bags subject to search.

Clear bags are available for sale at the box office.

Para ofrecer un entorno más seguro a los invitados y agilizar la entrada a nuestros edificios, el Rialto Theatre & 191 Toole comenzará a aplicar una norma sobre bolsas transparentes el 1 de marzo de 2022.

La norma limita el tamaño y el tipo de bolsas que pueden introducirse en nuestros edificios. La siguiente es una lista de bolsas que serán aceptadas para la entrada:

  • Bolsas de plástico transparente o de vinilo que no superen las 12″ x 6″ x 12″.
  • Bolsas de plástico transparente para congelar de un galón (bolsa Ziploc o similar)
  • Bolsas pequeñas tipo clutch, de aproximadamente 5″ x 7″.

Todas las bolsas están sujetas a registro.

Las bolsas transparentes están a la venta en la taquilla.


191 Toole and Rialto Theatre Foundation Covid Policy – September 2021

As of September 20, 2021, both the Rialto Theatre and 191 Toole will require all patrons to wear masks while attending an event unless actively enjoying a beverage. Additionally, Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result within 48 hours will also be required. 

We cannot accept all at-home tests. If it’s an at-home test that gives results via an app (which includes your information) those are acceptable. The test result will need to include your name and date of birth, and also have a time stamp so we can determine when the test was taken. It will be compared to your photo ID at the door.

***Visiting artists and productions may elect to follow increased health and safety protocols. Therefore, vaccinations, specific capacity, distancing, and face-covering protocols may vary from show to show***

For information about Covid-19 vaccination and free Covid-19 Testing sites in Pima County, please click HERE


A partir de Septiembre 20, 2021, ambos Rialto Theatre y 191 Toole requerira a todos los patrocinadores que usen mascarillas mientras esten asistiendo un evento, a menos que queue activamente esten disfutando de una bebida.

Adicionalmente, tendran que mostrar una prueba complete de la vacuna COVID-19, o resultados de una prueba negativa de COVID-19, de dentro las ultimas 48 horas.

No podemos aceptar todas las pruebas en casa. Si se trata de una prueba en casa que da resultados a través de una aplicación (que incluye su información), esos son aceptables. El resultado de la prueba deberá incluir su nombre y fecha de nacimiento, y también tener una marca de tiempo para que podamos determinar cuándo se realizó la prueba. Se comparará con su identificación con foto en la puerta.

***Artistas invitados, visitantes y producciones podran decider el aumento en el protocolo a seguir para la seguridad y salud.Por lo tanto, los protocolos de vacunas, capacidad especifica, distanciamiento, y cubiertas faciales, pudiesen variar, de evento a evento.***

Para informacion acerca de los sitios en el Condado Prima de pruebas gratuitas de Covid-19, por favor presione AQUI


Rialto Theatre Announces New Executive Director – April 2021

Executive Leadership Transition at The Rialto Theatre and KXCI Community Radio:

The Rialto Theatre Foundation is excited to announce Cathy Rivers as the new Rialto Theatre Executive Director, effective June 1, 2021.

Cathy Rivers joins Rialto from KXCI Community Radio, a vital community partner. Since 2016, Cathy has played a crucial role in the growth, expansion, and success of KXCI. From diversifying programming and increasing the organizational budget, to launching KXCI’s Hotel Congress broadcast studio, Cathy–a 25-year veteran of radio, television, and live music–has led their growth with enthusiasm and nearly unparalleled experience in local community radio.

Rialto Theatre Foundation Board Chair, Kip Volpe, “Cathy Rivers is an experienced, talented, proven leader and the perfect person to guide the Rialto Theatre as it emerges from the current health and financial crisis on its way back to prosperity. She is an asset not only to downtown but all of Tucson.”

Prior to her position as KXCI’s Executive Director, Cathy Rivers spent years in artist management, booking at Plush locations in St. Louis and Tucson, and as an on-air DJ and Programming Director at KXCI. Cathy’s deep roots in Tucson, paired with her passion for music and community, are informed by years as a local musician, community connector, and advocate of arts organizations throughout our region and beyond.

KXCI Board Chair, Kristi Lloyd, “We wish Cathy Rivers the best in her future endeavors and are confident that her leadership will help guide the Rialto Theatre back to its status as a thriving cornerstone of our community. On behalf of KXCI staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors, I thank Cathy Rivers for years of dedicated service to KXCI and to our community.”

Cathy Rivers, “The Rialto Theatre is a vital Tucson institution and a crucial part of downtown, and by extension, our entire community. It is crucial that she not only survive these unprecedented times, but thrive in spite of them. I am confident that my experience, combined with community trust, will aid in solidifying the Rialto’s place within the fabric of the Tucson community and expanding its local, regional, and national prominence.”

The Rialto Theatre wholeheartedly welcomes Cathy Rivers, and looks forward to the success, community engagement, and educational programs that will stem from her leadership.

The Rialto would also like to extend a profound thank you to all of our previous leadership:

Curtis McCrary 2012-2020 – Propelled the Theatre into the thriving, internationally recognized venue that we all know and love.
Doug Biggers 2004-2011 – Created The Rialto Theatre Foundation, making the historic Theatre a non-profit venue.
Paul Bear & Jeb Schoonover 1995-2004 – Resurrected the Theatre from nonuse, and reopened it as a music venue.

Please reach out with any questions to


Covid-19 Donation and Update – August 2020

Help Keep The Rialto Alive: Your contribution in any amount is greatly appreciated.

Dear Rialto Members, Donors, and Supporters,

We have been incredibly heartened by the way you, our community, have stepped up to support the Rialto Theatre during the COVID-19 crisis. You gave to our Arizona Gives Day and Staff Support campaigns, you let us put your fantasy concert lineups and heartfelt messages onto our marquee, you signed letters asking for emergency arts funding, and you sent us supportive emails letting us know how much the Rialto means to you. We are always amazed and grateful at the way you, our community, steps up to support us, and these last few months have only illuminated and amplified that.

As many of you know, we had to shut our doors in mid-March, like so many other venues across our city, state, and nation, and since then have been working to postpone shows while also trying to stay afloat operationally and financially without our biggest revenue generator – live shows.

We, like so many other arts organizations, want nothing more than to be able to open our doors and see the excited faces of our patrons pouring into the Rialto. Unfortunately, because of the physical and social distancing measures that mitigating the spread of the coronavirus requires, the reality is that venues of our size are still a long way from being able to open. And even if we were able to reopen with reasonable precautions, we cannot open our doors without the goods – live shows.

We have looked at possible ways of continuing to do some programming during this time – livestream concerts, very limited capacity shows with local acts, etc, but none of those would be enough to support the infrastructure and resources that would be required to make those avenues feasible.

This problem is not one that we are facing alone or in a vacuum. Venues all across the nation are experiencing this and we are staying attuned to what is happening locally and nationally in terms of how the industry is responding to the crisis. We are an active part of the newly-formed National Independent Venues Association (NIVA) and are working with industry leaders, policy makers, and grassroots efforts to do everything we can to make sure performing arts venues are included in aid packages and are being considered in reopening plans and policies.

Thank you for your support and patience as we find our way forward. We look forward to being able to enjoy the music we all love with you again someday soon!

With Gratitude,

The Rialto Theatre Foundation Board of Directors