Dick Dale

The Rialto Theatre Presents:

Dick Dale

Tom Walbank

Thu, April 5

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$35 - $38

This event is 21 and over

Dick Dale
Dick Dale
Guitar Legend Dick Dale will turn 82 years old on May 4th, 2019.Dick Dale is the first pioneer and creator of his own genre of loud music sound in 1955 now marking 65 years in show business.Dick Dale’s Music sound comes Only from Gene Krupa’s Jungle Drum Rhythms, Wild Animals sounds and roars in which Dick Dale owned and trained in the late 1950s+60s+70s+ until 1993.The Dale music also comes from the indigenous people dancing.A little from the influence of Surfing .....May I add it was 17 surfers who surfed with DD in the day Whom nick named Dick Dale "King of the Surf Guitar" then of course the title was used for a few record albums with surfing type titles however, the music is Rock Music.Dick Dale played every style and genre of music since 1955 and I mean every single type of Music …Dick Dale also played every single instrument self taught and never took a lesson. Dick Dale and Leo Fender together Created and Pioneered the Fender Equipment in the late 1950s+60s as Leo Fender was like a second Father to Dick Dale.Both Great Pioneer Inventors created the Strat Guitar along with the Fender Amps, the Fender Speakers plus the Transformers and Dick Dale is responsible for the JBL Lansing speakers and the 1941 Harley Davidson Flathead risers for Harley Davidson motorcycle. That is why Dick Dale was featured in the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Edition Magazine.Dick Dale has had many titles over his 64+ years in the business. Dick Dale is known in Spain as the Father of Heavy Metal and as well as the Father of Loud and Loud Fender Sound. Dick Dale is also known all over the World as Father of Rock.It all started when Art La Boe had Dick Dale performing at Scriveners drive inn in 1954 as Art La Boe thought Dick Dale was a California Treasure.Dick Dale reopened the world famous Rendezvous Ballroom in the mid 1950s where 4000+ kids and people came each night of the weekend Thursday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday as the kids would come to see the Legendary Dick Dale perform. Dick Dale was in the Air Force Reserves as well as worked for Howard Hughes as a Metallurgy. Dick Dale also reopened the World Famous Avalon/Catalina Ballroom in the 1950s and is featured in the Avalon Catalina DVD in which is a very hard to find History DVD on Catalina. In 1958 Dick Dale was on TV Show "Town Hall Party" playing Country Western Rockabilly music which was his preference and favorite along with the Great Talents of Lefty Frazil/Tex Ritter/Wanda Jackson/The Collins Kids/Johnny Cash, Joe Maphis and Many More. Dick Clark once said he wanted to come to California and find out who had California all tied up…Elvis's Colonel Parker wanted to manage Dick Dale in the day along with Elvis Presley but spent $88,000. on El and couldn't at the time afford both as the Col. was a gambler.Dick Dale’s Father was the Manager in the 1950s and early 1960s as DD took over and fired his father in the mid 1960s because his father kept monies as well as did throughout his career and also sold some of his Rights to his music as Dick has performance rights on “Misirlou.” Also Crooner of the 1940s Frank Sinatra at one time wanted to manage Dick Dale for 75% very badly as he asked Dick's Father James Monsour and Dick's father said to Frank Over my dead body. Dick Dale was the Hit at Harmony Park as he made Harmony Park a California house hold name and drew people in in the thousands every DD performance. This was a large building that DD also made Famous!Ed Sullivan who loved Dick Dale and had mentioned to many of the staff members that Dick Dale was a true Favorite of his. Some who worked there said he was the favorite of Ed's.Ed Sullivan asked Dick Dale to be on the Ed Sullivan Show because DD was in the Centerfold 5 photos and truthfully they had taken over 4000 photos for that and gave Dick Dale a collectors edition of many of the photos which will be displayed one day in my Museum.Life Magazine in 1963 said that Dick Dale was the first Rock Legend to be asked to be put into Life Magazine. While Dick Was on stage doing the Ed Sullivan show Ed left his post because he was so excited over Dick Dale that the camera filmed the curtain for a bit..haDick Dale was one of the two Very Famous Rock Legends to make the Whiskey a go go a huge success in the 1960s.The other Famous group of the two was The World Famous Doors.Dick Dale moved to Hawaii in the mid 1960s and performed over there for some time and then came back and built ground up 30,000 square feet two of the largest nightclubs in Southern Ca. and hired the largest acts of the day from Vegas 1967-1982 as both nightclubs were called The Rendezvous 2 and the second was the called The Playgirl Club..aka Vous one and Vous Two.Dick Dale also owned at the time a small Beer Bar.Dick Dale was Also close to England’s Great Record Collector and DJ, record producer and Journalist John Peel who had every one of Dick Dale’s Albums…he supposedly had the largest record collection in the entire world. John Worshiped Dick Dale. Johns Wife speaks about Dick in most all interviews regarding her husband.Jools Holland England’s Band Leader, Composer, TV presenter invited Dick Dale to England to perform in the 1990s as he too loved Dick Dale and was very adamant about bringing him over as soon as possible. Again let me say that Master Music Legend aka Guitar Legend Dick Dale plays all genres of music and plays all instruments self taught and never took a lesson in his life. Dick Dale has many more windows of life as he was an avid surfer in the day, Airplane Pilot for small aircrafts, A pool shark. In the 1950s -70s Dick Dale was into Archery and was also since the 1950s an Animal Trainer. DD had over 40 different species of wildlife given to him throughout the years until 1993 when he said no more. He lost many of these animals to illnesses and accidents.Dick Dale was an old car enthusiast as well as car racer, A Motorcycle Enthusiast and a Builder as he drew up his own plans for his parents home and now his sister took it over and owns it.DD has starred In Films over the years to name some Let's make love in 1958 as well as “Beach Party", "Muscle Beach Party", "A Swingin Affair” in 1963, “Local Boys” in 1997 and More.Dick Dale was the music to countless Films and Commercials throughout his career such as Films like “Charlie's Angels” and "Pulp Fiction” plus “Escape from LA” and many more.Dick has Received Many Awards and Accolades over the 64 years since his humbling days in 1955. Dick Dale still performs out on the road with his wife, DD Manager, Agent, PR, who also does the filming and photography.. Lana Dale as Dick Dale says Quote "My Wife Lana Dale is the only Love of my Entire Life.”Both Dick Dale and Lana Dale each battle Many Major Medical Issues around the clock and both each believe your body follows your mind. They always speak to the audience during every single performance and have humor during each DD show performance as they want the audience to have laugher and feel like they are part of the Family and they are in DD's and Lana D's Life.The Dick Dale music lovers are our Family quote Lana Dale and Dick Dale "The DickDale Music Lovers are who are responsible for keeping My husband and I alive and Dick Dale on stage as well as Dick Dale surviving!" They love their Dick Dale music lovers as Wife, Lana Dale answers over 2500+ emails each week from Dick Dale music lovers all over the World. Dick Dale and Lana Dale are a Love Story all over the World. Dick Dale resides with his Wife and their dog Whitey Dale who too is famous all over the world in the 29 Palms, Ca. Desert. Quote Lana Dale "Life in California is Beyond words as what an incredible countryside. So very Brilliant and Beautiful!Huell Howser called it California's Gold.
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