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The Rialto Theatre Presents...

Brace Yourself w/ Echoes, Friends in Hell, Hell Doubt

Saturday, March 26
Doors: 6:00pm / Show: 7:00pm
Not On Sale

ABOUT Brace Yourself


Based out of Tucson AZ, Brace Yourself is the next band on your playlist. With many influences throughout the members, it really doesn’t stop the band from pushing musical boundaries. 
 Lead Vocalist: Xander Mason Lead Guitarist: Jamison Scott Rhythm Guitarist: Aidan Roberson Bassist: Aj Farrell Drummer: Erik Stupka


ABOUT Echoes


Echoes is an American rock band based out of Tucson, Arizona. With a dark dynamic and original elements all throughout their music, Echoes has created a sound that spans across a variety of genres, including metal-core, dark pop, and hard rock. Currently, Echoes has released two self produced EPs, six self produced singles, and has recorded their currently unreleased full length album at Chango studios with Cameron Mizell. With another EP in production, and more music on the horizon, Echoes continues its endeavor to create, pursue, and inspire. 🌹 
 Echoes is – Danny Perazzone (Vocals), Zach Chavez (Guitar/ Songwriter), Corwin Chavez (Guitar), Cory Real (Drums) – 🌹

ABOUT Friends in Hell 


During times of hardship where every member was going through their own personal “HELL” three members Cody, Noah, and Tobias started writing music in their bedroom. Though shortly after decided to take the leap to make their little songwriting project into a full fledged band called Friends In Hell during the early half of 2019. One year later came their debut EP They Follow Me, which was released in August of 2020. Friends In Hell is a Tucson, AZ based Metalcore/ Deathcore/ Hip-Hop infused band. They consist of screaming vocals Noah Dwaileebe, rhythm guitarist and backing vocals Cody Arbizo, and bassist PJ Lester, drummer Berkie Allen, and lead guitarist Toni Holguin.


ABOUT Hell Doubt


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